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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Will the Brexit Affect Us?

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Did you think that mortgage interest rates couldn’t get any lower?

If you haven’t heard, the UK recently passed a vote to exit the European Union. The EU is a political and economical union of 28 countries that allows free movement and trade.

Investors are pulling out of riskier global stocks and investing in one of the safest options available, which just happens to be U.S. mortgage bonds. These are some of the sturdiest investments in the world because home loans now have very strict guidelines.

Just the day after the ‘Brexit’ occurred and markets crashed, mortgage rates went down 0.125%. This could cause mortgage rates to drop below 3.5%, which would be a historical low, once again.

Right now may be a great time to begin a conversation with your local lender if you currently own a home or if you want to lock in the lowest rate possible upon purchasing.

For more information, you can read this excellent article on Keeping Current Matters, or you can do something better - contact me.

I look forward to continuing this conversation with you.