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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How We Helped Jeannie and David by Guiding Them Through Every Step of the Process!

Don: So, we’re here with David and Jeannie Caphton at their new house on Pine Island with a great view down a wonderful fishing canal. David, how did you find us?

David: We were on vacation in our motor coach in Red Coconut which is on Fort Meyer’s beach. We loved the area so much that we decided to start looking for homes. We picked up a magazine and found a house in the area that we liked, called the number, and got lucky and got Don!

Don: Were there any challenges that we were able to help you solve throughout the process?

David: Yeah, I think the biggest problem that we faced was fixed by Don filling in all of the blanks for us as we went. After interviewing us he knew the areas that were best suited for us and the ones that we weren’t really crazy about. We felt that he guided us in the right way to find the right area. And then, once we found the right area he helped us find the home that best suited both of us.

Don: And, Jeanie? You’d recommend us in the future to your friends?

Jeannie: Yes, I would. Very much so.

Don: Anything you want to add?

David: Again, Don has just been a guiding light for us and anybody that’s lucky enough to work with him is going to be very happy with their outcome. He has the knowledge, expertise, and the patience to help guide us. We are blessed to have him on our team.

Don: Thank you guys, I appreciate it very much!

David and Jeannie Caphton, Home Buyers