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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How We Helped Linda and Vince by Solving Any Problems That Came Up!

Don: Why did you choose us over any other team out there?

Vince: It seemed more personal than anyone else we met with. We had a couple of other ones that we were dealing with originally and we are happy with the results that we ended up with. We met with Lona and Doug and they followed through with everything that they said they would.

Linda: They always got back to us very quickly.

Vince: Yeah, if we were late on an offer it wasn’t their fault, it was our fault. We were pleased with them.

Don: If you were to meet someone who was looking to buy or sell, what would you tell them?

Vince: Call. Meet with them before you make a decision.

Don: Were there any challenges that we helped solve?

Vince: Yeah! Everything was solved. Any challenges that came up, you guys were right on it. You helped us out with certain issues with a lender and then that was it. We’re happy, we’re pleased.

Linda: And, our realtor Don was wonderful!

    -Linda and Vince