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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How We Helped Chet and Jane by Answering All of Their Questions!

Lona: Hey guys, Lona Leugers here, Leugers Real Estate Advisors, Jones and Co. Realty. Today I’m here with Chet and Jane. We just helped them sell their home and we want to hear a little bit from them about their experience. So, Chet and Jane tell us why you chose Leugers Real Estate Advisors.

Chet: I had a conversation with Doug and I was impressed with his ideas. Also, I have a daughter that’s a broker and she thought this would be a good choice.

Lona: Okay, thank you! Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

Chet: Any questions I had were answered and there was a very professional approach to the process.

Jane: Lona said that she would do a really good job for us and have a lot of enthusiasm, and she did! And I trusted her to do that.

Lona: Thank you very much. With that being said, would you recommend us to any friends or family looking to buy, sell, or build real estate?

Chet: Absolutely, as a matter of fact, I want you to give me a stack of your cards. I’m going to pass them out to acquaintances and people that I meet.

Lona: Sure, great! Thank you. So, Lona Leugers here, Leugers Real Estate Advisors. If you guys know anybody looking to buy, sell, or build real estate here in Southwest Florida have them give me a call, shoot me a text, or an email. Or, if you know someone like Chet and Jane that are looking to sell and move on to the next season of their life please have them contact us. Leugers Real Estate Advisors cares, we care for our senior citizens. Thanks for watching!

    -Chet and Jane, Home Sellers