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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Things to Look for When Choosing an Agent

How do you know who’s the right agent to help sell your home? I’ve listed the qualities you need to watch out for.

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It’s imperative that you identify a solid real estate agent when selling your home, because the wrong agent will cost you thousands of dollars. The average Realtor nationally sells between six and eight homes per year. The average agent here in southwest Florida sells on average two per year.
You want a Realtor who can create demand for your property. This is done through marketing your home to the right types of buyers. The problem is that many agents simply don’t have the budget to be able to advertise your home to the right types of buyers. The results can be catastrophic.

So when the time comes to start interviewing agents, these are the things you want to look for:

  1. An expert in your market. You want an agent who sells a lot of homes in your market, can watch economic trends and act accordingly to get the home sold for top dollar, and can sell themselves, not the company that they work for.
  2. Someone who can make your home stand out.
  3. Someone who will get your home to the most viewers. You want an agent who can give your home the broadest exposure to the largest number of qualified buyers and get you the best possible price.
  4. Someone who is well-known in your market. 70% of homes are sold by co-opt agents, so you want someone who has that network.
  5. Someone who understands buyer acquisition. You also want to make sure they have the systems in place to market your home to as many buyers as possible.
  6. A strong negotiator. Negotiation is an art, and it’s important that they can be trusted to put your interests in front of their own.
  7. Someone who can get it done. It’s important that your agent knows who the best vendors are that will support you in this transaction. These include title companies, stagers, photographers, and other services.
Negotiation is an art.
I’ve included a list of 12 interview questions for you to ask the agent that you’re interviewing. If they can’t answer the questions quickly and confidently, then you need to keep searching. If you have another interview slot open, we’d love to fill it.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home or you have any questions about this topic, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!