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Monday, February 8, 2021

2021 Real Estate Market Update and Our Search for the BEST Grouper Sandwich in all of Southwest Florida!


Market Update 2021

What's Happening in The Housing Market in 2021

We're getting into the depth of winter, and it's absolutely beautiful down here in southwest Florida. We're enjoying an amazing time, with perfect temperatures and absolutely perfect weather.

We're even stoked because after the nose dive the market took in quarter two of 2020, it's rebounding nicely, finishing off higher now than it was last year at this time. Yes, the shutdowns and forced closures put a kink in things, but as we predicted, we're coming back better than ever.

Why The Housing Market Is Looking Good

At the beginning of the pandemic, we knew the housing market would crash for a little while. And it did. But, it did a 180 in quarter three and quarter four of last year, recovering to normal levels. And now, as we're moving into finishing out the first quarter of 2021, we see even more improvements.

So, you should ask why are we doing so well?

People are moving more than ever before. People want to get out of the cities and into nicer, rural areas. We can't blame them. But, that's just some of the remarkable things for the housing market. 

In Collier County and Lee County here in SW Florida, we see a drop in available homes for sale. What we would normally see is only about half of the normal rates.

There just aren't as many houses to buy.

And look, when there are not as many houses to buy, sale prices go up. We see an average of about 21% to 29% increase in the median sales price.

Over the rest of 2021, we expected a 2% to 6% increase in home value, averaging right around the national average of 3%. So, not only are Southwest Florida homes shooting up in value right now, but they will continue to go up.


We have a couple of e-guides on how to buy and sell your home completely for free. These will give you a step-by-step plan looking at your options and resources. 

Looking at what's going on in the market is one way to be prepared. Even if you're not at risk of losing your home or you're not thinking about selling, you should take a look at these guides because they can give you a better idea of what to do in the future.